Zachary Cale

Dark Wings

Zachary Cale

This week we present another live tune from a favorite songwriter of ours, Zachary Cale. While on tour with Destroyer in the fall of 2016, he made a quick detour to Chicago for a solo performance at The Whistler. We recorded it, mixed a few songs, and present them here for your listening pleasure.

Zachary Cale hails from the small town of Enon, Louisiana. His music ranges from acoustic balladry and American Primitive-inspired guitar instrumentals to cosmic country and folk rock. He currently resides in New York City. You can hear more music by Zachary Cale at Bandcamp.

  • Recorded by Dave Zuchowksi
  • Mixed by Erik Hall
  • Mastered by Anthony Gravino

Bonus! Check out the Doom & Gloom from the Tomb website later this week for more songs from this concert.