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January 9, 2013

Lore City, We Are The Sea
9:30 pm

Lore City formed in Brooklyn, 2011. Former art school peers — turned lovers, turned collaborators — shared a dimly lit rehearsal space beneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The duo is led by the vocals/guitar/keys of Laura Mariposa, joined by the lap-steel/guitar and percussion of Eric Bessel.  In Spring of 2012, Mariposa and Bessel began a 6-month residency in upstate New York, to write and record a mass of new material. Initial studio renderings of eight chosen songs are featured on Lore City’s self-released album, Absence & Time. The group relocated to Chicago, November 2012.


We Are The Sea got its start in a tiny little studio apartment in Grand Rapids, where they wrote songs about working in granola bar factories and sleeping on murphy beds. They then traveled to Detroit where they made songs by banging tin cans together and have since refined their sound to include real instruments. They combine big beats with poppy melodies and a hint of grunge and lime.