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November 19, 2012

Glad Cloud Ambient Music Series: TAL, Peter Maunu, Jeff Kimmel
9:30 pm

Glad Cloud is a monthly series that celebrates the rich landscape of Chicago musicians working with ambient music. Curated by Benjamin Mjolsness, the series provides an opportunity for ambient artists to color the air, walls, and liquids of the Whistler in a deliberately non-intrusive manner. Visitors can enjoy their cocktails and companions while the music envelops the room around them.
TAL is Canada-born, Chicago-based experimental musician Natalie Chami. In her solo performances, vocal loops and drifting tones of analog synths swell and accumulate across long sessions of drone. As part of duo l'eternebre, or in collaboration with Chicago experimentalist Passerby, TAL's sounds collude with glacial electronic drones and processed strings. In trio Good Willsmith, TAL's arsenal of synths, oscillators and electronics collides with massive bass and looped guitar noise.  When she’s not droning, TAL teaches music at Chicago High School for the Arts and in her private studio.
Peter Maunu is the archetype 21st Century musician — a master at using technique and technology to forge great art.
The creative breadth and beauty of Peter Maunu's textural guitar work can best be appreciated by examining his musical roots. He began his career as a classical violinist and concert master, earning a scholarship to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music while still in his early teens. After hearing the groundbreaking work of Hendrix and The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows", Peter became fascinated with the sonic possibilities of the guitar and it soon commanded much of his interest. His orchestral approach to playing has always infused his guitar work.
Peter's musicality and command of many styles has led to recording and live performances with an eclectic group of artists including Airto, Billy Cobham, Jean-Luc Ponty, Heart, L.A. Express, The Pointer Sisters, Wang Chung, Lou Gramm and Bobby McFerrin. In the late 70's, he and several Bay Area friends -- Mark Isham, Patrick O'Hearn, Terry Bozzio -- formed the pioneering instrumental alliance Group 87, which released two ahead-of-its-time albums. Maunu's longtime involvement with composer Mark Isham has encouraged his experimental side, leading to Peter's many contributions in film music. His solo album "Warm Sound in a Gray Field" is a showcase for his adventurous compositional style. 
"I like exploring and really getting inside the subtle sonic possibilities of a device," Peter says. "We all have little sanctuaries within ourselves where we often go. I might feel like making a violent racket one day, and on another day my mood might call for a beautiful ambient drone. Other times, I force myself to go down a path I've never been before. I let the emerging sound dictate the creative process and take the time to explore where it might lead me."
Jeff Kimmel is a Chicago-based bass clarinetist, improviser, composer and music presenter. His work encompasses a commitment to expand the timbral possibilities of the bass clarinet while presenting the instrument in a variety of formats, and he strives to foster a collaborative music community by facilitating opportunities for musicians.

Originally from Greenville, SC, Kimmel moved to Boston to attend the New England Conservatory of Music. Since relocating to Chicago in 2007, he has become an active part of the city's vibrant jazz and improvised music scene as a performer and concert organizer. Currently, Jeff leads a quartet which released its debut CD, Charm Offensive, to critical acclaim in 2011. He performs regularly with The Great Crush, a ragtime group led by Marc Riordan.
Kimmel has toured the U.S. and maintains a regular performing schedule of collaborations with local musicians such as: Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jeb Bishop, Tim Daisy, Keefe Jackson, Guillermo Gregorio, Frank Rosaly, Jason Roebke, Jason Stein, Brian Labycz, Jaimie Branch, Katie Young, and Jim Baker. He is a co-curator of the Protest Heaven series at Heaven Gallery and the Ratchet Series at the Skylark. In 2010 and 2012, he received grants from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs for new work. In the fall of 2011, he was selected to attend a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts to work with Roscoe Mitchell.