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January 21, 2013

Glad Cloud Ambient Music Series: Step Slow (Danny Van Duerm & Reid Karris), Justin Walter & Erik Hall, Matthew Dotson
9:30 pm

Glad Cloud is a monthly series that celebrates the rich landscape of Chicago musicians working with ambient music. Curated by Benjamin Mjolsness, the series provides an opportunity for ambient artists to color the air, walls, and liquids of the Whistler in a deliberately non-intrusive manner. Visitors can enjoy their cocktails and companions while the music envelops the room around them.
Having performed together with the Chicago Scratch Orchestra, Danny and Reid were introduced to each other's music and on separate occasions, have seen each other perform solo sets. Mutually interested in each other's sounds, they formed a duo to combine their aesthetics and created Step Slow. Swaying between atmospheric long tone soundscapes and wall-of-sound-free-jazz, Step Slow creates music that is both visceral and ethereal.
Justin comes to us from NYC with "music that's good for crossing the ocean in a small boat, sleeping in a spaceship, looking out castle windows, biking through fields of tall grass, walking though the woods, wearing headphones and being in a world of amazing."
Matthew Dotson will be mixing together both sides of his recent tape release Excavation. His work occupies an interesting juncture between ambient, noise, and rhythm-based electronic music. Formally, this often takes the shape of a constantly changing musical landscape in which genres are freely traversed and transform into alternate forms.

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